Who is Ludmila Dimitrova?

Ludmila started her carrier as a gymnast in Bulgaria, which became one of the leading countries in Rhythmic Gymnastics for many decades to come. After finishing her carrier as an athlete, she went on to study in the world renown National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, which produced many of the world’s best coaches. She graduated from NSA at the top of her class and went on to begin her carrier as a coach. After some 36 years of practice, Ludmila did become one of the world’s leading coaches in Rhythmic Gymnastics and was a national coach in Bulgaria for 16 years. In the mid 1990’s she was invited by another world leading coach Irina Viner to start working with the Russian national team, where she works to this present day.

Simultaneously she was also working with the national teams of Canada for 10 years and Spain for 3 years. In addition she was invited to work in more than 50 countries, such as Australia, Austria, Brazil, New Zealand,Cyprus, France, Greece, Germany, Venezuela, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, USA, Brazil, South Korea and China, just to name a few.

Her gymnasts include names such as Dimitrinka Todorova, Bianka Panova, Yana Chaschina, Vera Sesina, Olga Kapranova, Alia Garaeva, Yana Batyrchina, Amina Zaripova, Natalia Lipkovskaya, Alina Kabaeva, Aleksandra Soldatova, Emilie Livingston, Evgenia Kanaeva, Carolina Rodriguez, Jennifer Colino, Daria Kandakova, Aliya Yussupova, Almudena Cid Tostado and many other Olympic, World, European, Pan American champions.

As already said Ludmila (Lucy) Dimitrova is working with the Russian national team to this present day and you were able to see some of her choreography at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games and the following World Championships and Grand Prixs. Her choreography will be also
featured in the big championships to come.