Masterclass Palma de Mallorca

In the period from 16.07 to 30.07. on the island of Palma de Mallorca – one of the most beautiful places for relaxation in Europe, will be held Masterclass with Lucy Dimitrova. This Masterclass will share her rich experience, high professionalism and talent, that has been sought by many countries around the world.

A professional ballerina from Russia and two Russian gymnasts demonstrators will be participating in the Masterclass. During training, a proper body technique and working with apparatus will be studied, which is fundamental to the great future success of each gymnast.

Development of new unique elements will be present in all compositions created by Lucy Dimitrova, that have been part of her work for 37 years for international competitions held around the world.

The Masterclass could be attended by gymnasts aged 9 years and more.  Coaches can also attend the Masterclass for free, experiencing the knowledge and professionalism of Lucy Dimitrova, that has been built for many years in the most prestigious countries – 16 years in Bulgaria, 29 years in Russia, 4 years in Spain, 12 years in Canada and much more.


It will be a great pleasure for us to have you at our Masterclass.

If you wish you can leave us your phone number so Lucy Dimitrova can call you and answer any questions you might have.